Huon Pine Timber Veneer

Huon Pine Timber Veneer – Huon Pine (Lagarostrobos franklinii) is the oldest living tree species in Australia.  As a tree it is a pretty unique and grows extremely slowly at only around 1 millimeter in girth each year. It takes about five hundred years to reach the size at which the trunk could be sawn into timber.

Huon Pine trees are often thousands of years old and only grow in temperate rainforests on the wild west coast of Tasmania, Australia.  Forests of Huon pine are abundant in western Tasmania with more than ninety per cent of these forests protected in large permanent reserves.

It has a very high oil content.  This makes it impervious to insects, makes it waterproof and imbues it with its characteristic sappy perfume. The high oil content also means the timber can be bent, shaped, worked and sculpted without splitting.  It also finishes to a superb, fine lustre.

The timber has a pale straw colour when first cut and changes to a rich honey gold as it ages. Huon Pine timber veneer has an exquisite smell and touch.  It can also have “birdseye” figuring.  This is rare and is extremely valuable.

The growth rings are very fine and the rich golden colour and figure of Huon Pine make it one of the world’s most desirable furniture and veneering timbers.

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