Leatherwood Timber Veneer

Leatherwood Timber Veneer – Leatherwood (Eucryphia lucida) trees are found as an understory tree endemic to Tasmania.  They can be found in the wetter valleys and rugged western mountain regions where there is a high rainfall.  Mostly growing to a height of 15m, but they can reach 30m.  The Leatherwood tree can live for 250 years.  It grows well alongside the Sassafras, Blackwood and Myrtle species.

Leatherwood trees harvested from within some coops can produce logs which contain a rich palette of timber colours.  Colours can range from pinks through to browns.  Red-heart logs contain the most figured wood, similar in appearance to Black-Heart Sassafras.

Leatherwood timber veneer is even and fine-grained and known for its good workability and finish.  It has good bending properties and also produces beautiful burl wood.  The burl wood is rare and highly prized, as is fiddleback Leatherwood.

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