Qld Red Cedar Timber Veneer

Qld Red Cedar Timber Veneer – Queensland Red Cedar (Toona australis) is found in coastal rainforest areas of Queensland and Northern New South Wales.  It is one of the largest trees of the Australian rainforests and has been known to reach a height of 60m with a trunk diameter of 3m.

Its heartwood colour ranges from a pale pinkish-red through to a richer dark reddish-brown.  The sapwood is pale pink or yellow in colour and is quite distinctive from the heartwood.

The texture can be rough and uneven with a grain that is usually straight but may be slightly interlocked.  Growth rings are often visible.  It also features a distinctive odour that is said to repel moths.  Qld Red Cedar timber veneer is easy to work and finishes well.

It is also known as Australian Red Cedar.

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