Qld Walnut Timber Veneer

Qld Walnut Timber Veneer – Queensland Walnut (Endiandra palmerstonii) is a large rainforest tree that often reaches a height of 37-43m and a stem diameter of up to 1.8m. It grows on the coastal tablelands of North Queensland, between Innisfail and Atherton. It is a dominant tree in the rainforest and can occur either singly or in clumps.

The look of Qld Walnut timber veneer has a strong resemblance to European Walnut, but it has a more prominent striped figure. The pinkish sapwood is narrow and the heartwood colour is quite varied.  It can vary from grey to pale mid-brown, and often to dark brown with pinkish, grey-green or purple-black streaks. It has a medium texture and its grain is interlocked and quite often wavy.  This can give it a checkered or broken striped figure look.

Also known as Australian Walnut, Walnut Bean and Oriental Wood.

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