Sassafras Blackheart Timber Veneer

Blackheart Sassafras Timber Veneer – Sassafras (Atherosperma moschatum) grows as an understory tree in the rainforests of Tasmania.  Sassafras can also be found in rainforests in Victoria and New South Wales.  It can grow to a height of 45m and around 1m in diameter.  The unusual dark streaks that often run through the heart of its golden-grey wood, give Blackheart Sassafras it’s name. This staining is caused by naturally occurring wood funghi which produce a range of contrasting brown to black colours. These streaks are the hallmark feature of this unique and beautiful timber.

Using Blackheart Sassafras Timber veneer, you can create veneer lay-ups that produce stunning effects.  Spalted Sassafras timber veneer has fine dark lines that are caused by fungi after harvesting the tree.  The use of Blackheart and Spalted Sassafras are popular in craft and furniture items.  Why don’t you use Blackheart Sassafras veneer in your next project. You could make something really special!

Also known as Tasmanian Sassafras and Southern Sassafras.

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