Tasmanian Myrtle Timber Veneer

Tasmanian Myrtle Timber Veneer – Tasmanian Myrtle (Nothofagus cunninghamii) is an evergreen tree which grows in the temperate rainforests and alpine areas of Tasmania and Victoria.  It is not part of the Myrtle family and is often referred to as Tasmanian Myrtle.  As a slow growing tree it can reach a maximum height of 30 to 40 metres.  Sometimes living up to 500 years.

Tasmanian Myrtle is a beautiful timber with deep rich colours of red, pink, orange and brown.  It can have a striped appearance and also a fiddleback grain.  It’s burl figure is highly desired. The colour is vibrant, with subtle variations in tone.  Fiddleback and wavy features bring the surface alive with its texture and sheen.  Tasmanian Myrtle timber veneer is highly praised by furniture makers.  Is this just the timber veneer you need for your next project?

Also known as Myrtle Beech.

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