Tasmanian Oak Timber Veneer

Tasmanian Oak Timber Veneer – Tasmanian Oak refers to the hardwood produced by three trees (Eucalyptus regnans, Eucalyptus obliqua and Eucalyptus delegatensis) when it is sourced from the Australian state of Tasmania.  Despite the common name ‘oak’, none of the species are in the Oak genus (Quercus).  When sourced from Victoria, the wood of (Eucalyptus regnans and Eucalyptus delegatensis) is called Victorian Ash.

The species are also widely known by their common names.  Eucalyptus obliqua is known as Stringybark or Messmate.  Eucalyptus regnans is known as Mountain Ash.  The closely related Eucalyptus delegatensis, is known as Alpine Ash or Woollybutt.

They can grow to a height of up to 90m with a trunk diameter of up to 1m or more. Tasmanian Oak’s heartwood colour varies from pale yellow to light brown with a pinkish tinge.  It has a narrow indistinct paler sapwood.  The wood is usually straight grained but sometimes interlocked or wavy.  It has a course texture.  Growth rings are visible and usually conspicuous. Hard gum or kino veins are also often present.  The tight-grained Tasmanian Oak timber veneer sands and finishes well.

Most Tasmanian Eucalypt species produce figured wood, however some species regularly produce more distinct figuring.  Some Tasmanian Eucalypt tree species produce burls of different grain from very resinous to tight marbling.  Brown Top Stringybark Eucalyptus produce some massive burls that can have exceptional marble or cork grain patterning suited to veneering.

Also known as Alpine Ash, Messmate Stringybark, Mountain Ash, Australian Oak, Light Ash, Victorian Ash.

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