Oak Timber Veneer

Oak Timber Veneer – Oak (Quercus spp.) is found in Europe, on the eastern side of North America from Canada to Florida and in Japan and eastern Asia. There are more than 200 different species. An Oak tree can grow to 30m high with a diameter of up to 1.8m.

The sapwood of European Oak is lighter in colour than the heartwood, which is light tan or yellow-brown.  It is usually straight grained but can often be irregular or cross-grained.  It has a characteristic silver-grained figure on quartered surfaces because of medullary rays and has a moderately course texture.

The heartwood of American Oak is a consistent tan to straw colour, with very little sapwood.  The grain is straight, which is useful for woodworkers.  It is quite plain, but interesting patterns are formed from the medullary rays on quarter-sawn surfaces, and there is potential for flame figure on plain sawn sides

Oak timber veneer is used in joinery, furniture making and cabinet making.

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